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Fung Shui Bold Homes

Have you ever considered taking a few steps to boost your home’s positive energy?


Feng shui is the the Chinese art of placement based on the premise that people who live in harmoniously designed homes live healthy happy, prosperous lives.


Cynthia Chomos, a Feng shui consultant and interior designer says that a few design fixes can even help with the resale of your home.


“A home purchase is one of the biggest and most significant purchases that a consumer will make. It’s where we rejuvenate and our lives flourish,” Chomos said. “Incorporating feng shui allows us to be more conscious and more intentional with the spaces we inhabit.”


Her are some tips Chomos recommends to incorporate feng shui in your home:

  • Strategically place plants in the path of doors and windows that directly align the front of the home with the back. Doing so, she says, helps keep the positive energy – or qi – in the home rather than allowing it to escape from the front out the back.


  • Furniture placement is also important. Chomos says that occupants should always be able to see the entrance of a room or the home from a seated position, whether in bed, at a desk, or sitting on a sofa.


“One of most primal needs as human beings is to be safe. If we have our backs to the door, we’re vulnerable,” Chomos said. “This puts us in command and control of our environment.”


  • A foyer or mud room helps establish a sense of arrival, while stairs that are out of the path of the front door helps avoid the negative qi that comes with having to make an immediate decision upon walking into the home. To go upstairs or not?


  • Try rounded corners instead of sharp ones, and bedrooms toward the rear of the home instead of the front. These are other considerations that create good qi and a peaceful environment.


  • Bathrooms should never sit directly behind a bedroom wall. Because water is in constant motion, it prohibits a good night’s sleep.


Interior design consultants with expertise in feng shui can offer recommendations. Such as location of the property, overall flow of energy, placement, arrangement and curb appeal.

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