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10 Cities Where it is Smarter to Buy Your Home

For people who want to own a home, the premium to buy—the spread between what they’d spend to rent and what they’d pay for a mortgage—is much lower than the 15-year average in many cities. To determine what cities are smart buys, Forbes magazine computed the premium and also identified locales where economists predict home…

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Governor Beshear visits B.O.L.D. Homes

TIME CHANGE: The signing will now take place at 1PM, so plan on arriving at 12:40. Wednesday, July 8th at 1PM, Kentucky Governor Beshear is scheduled to visit Northern Kentucky for a ceremonial signing of the recently passed HB3. This bill, from the just completed special legislative session, includes economic incentive legislation that benefits large…

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Find the Neighborhood That’s Right for You


At The BOLD Company, you have many choices of where to build your new home. We have lots available in four different neighborhoods, we can build on your lot, or we can even help you find a lot anywhere in Northern Kentucky. As you shop for the location of your new home, there are several things to…

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