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7 Sensational Kitchen Design Trends

This was posted June 19, 2019 by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in Design, Housing Trends. Contact the BOLD Company to discuss your building and renovation ideas and questions.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. With the increase of modern home design — where the open-plan layout merges living, dining and gathering functions — this is especially true. Thoughtful planning and attentive design of the kitchen sets the tone for the rest of the home.

Kay Green, president of Kay Green Design, shares her team’s favorite kitchen design trends for 2019 to inspire the heart of a home’s style and atmosphere.


1. Lighting: Gather and Cluster

While single pendants remain a constant favorite, when grouped together in an interesting arrangement, they deliver a dramatic statement. A cluster of mini pendants might replace a more traditional chandelier as the focal fixture over an island, and groups of pendants mounted at different heights can create a striking look while also increasing task lighting.


2. Cabinetry: Less is More

A quiet movement that’s been rapidly gaining speed is the “no upper cabinet” kitchen trend. As the modern, minimalist movement takes shape, home owners want their spaces to appear as clean as possible. One way we achieve this is to eliminate upper cabinets altogether, and instead integrate floating shelves, sills or nothing at all. We’re even seeing this trend incorporated into more traditional-style homes.


3. Finishes: Metallic Reigns

From lighting to plumbing hardware, the new metallics are fresh and unexpected. Many of our favorite manufacturers, including Kohler, Kallista and Grohe, have introduced a striking variety of colorways, including bright gold, rose gold, black gold and even polished rose bronze.


4. Islands: Make a Statement

Once an option, or add-on, islands have become an essential focal point for almost every kitchen design. From unique material countertop choices to selecting an intense or vibrant color that contrasts the rest of the kitchen, there are many ways to make a personal statement. Oversize, substantial five- to six-seat islands are also replacing breakfast nooks and conventional dining arrangements.


5. Double the Love: The Messy Kitchen and Showplace Island

The trend of the “messy kitchen” is gaining steam. Presenting two kitchens: one for show and one for go! Typically, a messy kitchen is a secondary prep kitchen that houses appliances, workstations and is where the “messy” meal preparation is handled. As such, the main kitchen, or showplace kitchen, then remains clean and ready to entertain, gather or dine.


6. Colors: Mixed, Not Matched

Taking a cue from fashion color trends, there is a new surge in the implementation of mixed finishes, from fixtures to cabinets, islands to even appliances. Blending different finish colors and materials within a single kitchen space, if done correctly, becomes a recipe for a unique and distinctive appearance.

7. Sinks: Practicality Meets Personality

According to a recent Pinterest survey, searches for “black sinks” rose a whopping 252% over last year. Gone are the days when sinks were an afterthought, and when the only viable option was stainless steel or white porcelain. We’re seeing more and more sinks as works of art. They’re not only functional but inventively crafted to either create a killer statement or enhance a very personal aesthetic.

This post — courtesy of Kay Green, MIRM, president and founder of Kay Green Design — originally appeared on Best in American Living.

BOLD CustomersThe BOLD Company can build or remodel your kitchen with your ideas, needs and budget. Contact us today and visit our Model Home to answer all your questions.

“Listening to dreams and building memories!”

Home Plan Ideas

New Home Ideas for You and Your Family

Check out this plan from a BOLD preferred designer, Frank Betz Associates. This and many other plans are available from the BOLD Company, on your property or our lot. Contact us to discuss your building or renovation questions and ideas.

Frank Betz Logo

Hot House Plan – Blantons Trace

Blantons Trace Home

Blantons Trace Kitchen

Split Bedroom
2,073 square feet
One Story

Never too much of a good thing! This new design takes a time tested concept and puts a modern, fresh twist on it. The split bedroom one-story design has been highly desirable for quite some time and remains a popular design style. The Blanton’s Trace keeps the sleeping quarters separated by the living spaces but adds today’s amenities. The island kitchen is the hub of all activities and anchors the common spaces. The dining area has been located to the rear and sufficiently handles all meals – large family gatherings or small snacks. The covered outdoor spaces provide extra living areas to take advantage of nice weather and great views. A friend’s entrance is perfectly located to welcome back door guests or the kids arriving after school. The upper level can be finished for an additional bedroom and an all-purpose bonus room. Photos courtesy of Frank Batson Homes.

Blantons Trace First Floor
Blantons Trace First Floor
Blantons Trace Second Floor
Blantons Trace Second Floor

More House Plans You May Be Interested In

Chelsea Walk HomeCarramore House Plan

Embry Hills House Plan

Click here for our most popular floor plan and contact us to visit our Model Home and discuss all your building options.

Energy Efficiency

Save Money on Your Utility Bill with an Energy Audit

While you may have already started spring cleaning, have you thought about your utility bill lately? Sure, it comes in the mail every month and seems to climb in the sweltering summer and chilly winter. You might be used to these changes, but they can be way less dramatic when you take steps to conserve energy in your home. An energy audit from The BOLD Company shows you where you need to repair or replace items in the home that are wasting energy. In the long run, this can save you a lot of money! Let’s talk about a few ways you can lower your utility bill this spring and summer.

entranceWeatherstrip and Seal Leaks

If you live in an older home, there’s no doubt that there are cracks and crevices that need sealed during the winter and summer months. These cracks can let in bugs, dust and dirt, and heat. For windows and exterior doors, try weatherstripping. This can be bought at your local hardware store precut and fits to your door or window either by nails or adhesive. Don’t forget your door sweep and threshold either! For cracks along the floor or around the frame, caulk and fill so that nothing is let in or out. Additionally, check out utility cut throughs and examine the ductwork and use duct sealant or metal-backed tape. Also check registers and grills to make sure they are tightly sealed to ducts. This will seal a multitude of air leaks in your home.

Seal Your Crawlspace

This will not only save you energy and money in the process, but it can also save you from bad health outcomes that come from mold or mildew growing in a damp crawl space. When you heat or cool your home, you are also heating or cooling your unfinished crawlspace. The air in your crawlspace is then forced upward through the whole home. Plus, cool or hot air can escape out of the soil and out of any vents. Instead, a vapor barrier should be placed in the crawl space to seal out moisture. It will also seal your crawlspace to letting out energy. This small step could end up saving you thousands.

Bonus roomControl the Temperature

First and foremost, check to make sure that you have proper insulation throughout your home. Improper insulation is going to continuously let out heat/cold in the summer or winter. Next, make sure to use a thermostat that is able to be programmed. When you are able to program your thermostat, you can set it to have a lower temperature during the day while you’re at work or while you’re sleeping at night. This saves you money on energy when you’re not even using it.

Lower Your Utility Bills with an Energy Audit

The BOLD Company provides energy audits of homes all over the area. We will find the air leaks in your home and recommend how they need to be fixed. An energy audit is a simple way to save a lot of money over time. You’ll be amazed with how much money you save over the course of the summer and winter months just by taking a few preventative steps. Contact us today to schedule an energy audit with The BOLD Company.

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The BOLD Experience – What Our Customers Say

Beginning the home build and design process can be overwhelming. How do you know which building company to choose from or who to trust? It is important to choose a Design/Build Construction company that fits all of your needs. At The BOLD Company, we know the importance of choosing the right company. We’d like to share the experience of one of our customers. We are proud of the work we do, but now you can see how our customers feel as well.

David and Gayle decided to write us a review after occupying their home built by The BOLD Company just over a year ago. The couple was apprehensive about building a new home in Kentucky while living in Texas. However, after a great experience with The BOLD Company, they are now living in their lifelong dream home. Check out the full review HERE.

redesign remodelSite Selection & Cost

When it comes to building a new home, there are many factors that need to be considered throughout the process. Site selection and cost are a big factor. It is important to make sure that you are getting good advice from a competent builder. When working with The BOLD Company, David and Gayle said Mike’s insight about site selection and impact on cost was helpful. Suggestions made during the initial floor plan layout were helpful and enhanced both the functionality and aesthetics of our home.”

Competition & Suppliers

It can be a difficult decision to know which Design/Build company to choose. After you’ve made the decision, how do you know you’ve made the right one? At BOLD, we are confident that you will feel comfortable working with us. We have established a great reputation from both individuals and suppliers in the community since 1986. Here’s what David and Gayle had to say: “We felt much more comfortable when, during the construction loan signing, one of your competitors remarked to us that while they were sorry they did not have our business, they assured us we would be very happy having selected BOLD as our builder. Our comfort level only increased when we met with your suppliers. Everyone was very complimentary about your company. It was evident you had established a trusted group of suppliers that enjoyed working with you.

dining room redesign remodelDesign Process

At The BOLD Company, we take pride in assisting our customers in their selections of the colors and textures that make a house a home. After working with Janet, David and Gayle stated that “While this was an intense exercise given that we lived so far away, Janet was diligent to make sure everything was reviewed and covered.” David and Gayle also were able to work with James. David and Gayle stated “James surely worked behind the scenes to resolve material and equipment issues which came up.”

Construction Process

The construction process is a very exciting step. Your dream home is starting to be built right in front of your eyes! At The BOLD Company, we pride ourselves in our ability to be available for our customers whenever necessary. David and Gayle said, “Paul kept close watch during the construction process. I especially appreciated his calling to address field changes when necessary.”

redesign remodelWarranty Issues

When building a new home, warranty issues occasionally arise. David and Gayle stated, “Response to warranty issues was both timely and to our satisfaction. Jim did not rest until each issue was resolved.”

The BOLD Company

At The BOLD Company, we take pride in our work. As a team, our goal is to create a home of lasting value, one of which we can all be proud. Hearing what our customers have to say is something we are proud to share and truly value. If you would like to leave us a review, click HERE. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you build the home of your dreams!



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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning: New Home Storage

Spring is on the horizon which means most people are thinking about spring cleaning. If you are considering building a new home, it’s important to think about home storage. Home storage space offers a beneficial and useful space to add to your home.

Add Storage To Your New Home basement storage area

Like most people, we accumulate a lot of “stuff” throughout time. This “stuff” takes up space. During the home building process, storage areas are either forgotten about or not enough space is accounted for after the home is built. A home with a lot of usable storage space is worth more than a home with more finished space that is rarely used. Be sure to let your builder know the importance to you. The extra space is typically a minimal cost as long attic storage areaas the builder has time to let the home designer know.

Areas For Storage

  • Basements– If you live in Northern Kentucky, you know that most homes have basements. Basements offer a great place for storage. They can keep your items hidden and away from everyday living areas.
  • Attics- Attics are also a great place for storage. They also can offer large areas that are away from your everyday living activities. Build attics off of a common area like a game room or shared space. Your home builder can make changes to the roof framing to allow for light storage and easy access above the garage.
  • Storage Sheds- Storage sheds offer a separate structure to keep your belongings in.
  • Walk-In Closets- If you have a lot of items that you also want to keep easily accessible, walk-in closets are a great place to store those items.

The BOLD Company walk in closet storage area

It is important to think through your storage needs as you design your new home. Remember to also tell your builder how much of a priority storage space is to you. You can find different opportunities to create inexpensive storage space in your new home. The BOLD Company knows the importance of storage areas in your home. Our team can work with you to create spaces that will work best with you and your family. Contact us today to get started building your dream home. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Fall In Love With Your Dream Home

It’s the season of love! With so many things to love, your home is not an exception. The BOLD Company has come up with a list of the top five reasons why you’ll fall in love with building a brand new dream home.

#1: A Custom Home Built For Your Needs

A brand new custom home allows you to choose exactly what you like and what fits the needs of your lifestyle. When you build a new home, you can choose everything from cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring. Homeowners can also choose the fixtures, lighting, paint, and other options that fit your style. A new home is custom to your taste and no one else’s. You’ll fall in love with your home that is fit to your unique style.

#2: Build On The Lot Of Your Choice Fall in love with your dream home

Building a new home allows you to build on the lot and in the neighborhood of your choice. You are able to build in communities near the best schools, near shopping centers, locations with community pools and clubhouses, and more. You can feel certain that you will fall in love with the location of your newly built home.

#3: Energy & Cost-Efficient Designs

Building a new home today allows for more energy efficient designs that home buyers most likely won’t get when purchasing a home built years ago. New homes today can be built with energy efficient features that can save both energy and money throughout the year. The BOLD Company is proud to build Energy Star homes so you can be confident that your new home will be energy efficient. What’s not to love about saving energy and money?

#4: Low Maintenance fall in love with your dream home in KY

Today’s new homes are built with the best building products that require less work and maintenance from homeowners. These new building systems are designed to work together, making it easier on you. You will love the low maintenance that comes with building a new home.

#5: A New Home Feel

You will love building a brand new home that is exactly what you’ve always dreamed of. It is custom to your taste and family needs. Having a home that is exactly yours and never been lived in is a great feeling. You will be able to relax and enjoy your home without worrying about fixing older features.

Let The BOLD Company Help You Fall In Love With Your Dream Home

Once your home is complete, you will fall in love with your home at first sight! The BOLD Company is a design build home builder. We specialize in design build construction which means that we are a true custom builder who can guide you through the design and construction process. We are not limited to particular locations, specific plans, or certain styles. When you choose to build with us, you can build what you want and where you want. Contact us today to get started on falling in love with your dream home!


Homefest Home for the Holidays

Are you building a new home in 2019? Build the home of your dreams in the beautiful new section of Citation Pointe. This neighborhood will allow you to experience the advantages of living in the Triple Crown Country Club Community. With parks, walking trails, and a beautiful golf course, this is the perfect neighborhood to build on.  The BOLD Company would be honored to build your home as a show home in Kentucky’s premire home show called Homefest.

Advantages of Building A Show Home in 2019

Building a show home offers several advantages to home buyers. Not only are show homes seen as very prestigious, they also offer a guaranteed completion date, upgrades and extras, decorating, and resale value.

Get Your Home Holiday Ready

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to make your home look magical. Picture your dream home located at Citation Pointe decorated for the holidays. Choosing to have your home built as a show home for Homefest will guarantee a completion date for December 2019 when the show takes place.

The BOLD Company

The BOLD Company has been building custom homes since 1986. Let us turn your dream home into a show home and take advantage of all the amenities that come with it. Not only will you have the perfect home for the holidays, but for years to come. Contact The BOLD Company today! 

Building lots Custom Homes Triple Crown Uncategorized

Build In The Prestigious Triple Crown Neighborhood

Triple Crown Neighborhood

Triple Crown Neighborhood is a beautiful and prestigious neighborhood located in Union, Kentucky. Build your dream home next to the golf course, wooded lots, and small lakes. This community is conveniently located near shopping, the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, churches, and schools. It is the perfect location to build your dream custom home.

Neighborhood Features

With a convenient location, beautiful country club, amazing views, and grand living, this neighborhood is the perfect place to build a custom home just for you. Some of Triple Crown’s features include:

  • Top Rated Golf Course
  • Country Club with Dining Privileges
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Courts
  • Driving Range
  • Walking Courses Throughout the Communitycitation pointe lots

Where Can I Build?

The BOLD Company has available lots in the Winners Circle and soon in Citation Pointe. The BOLD Company is here to help you find your perfect lot and build you a custom home that fits your needs. We have been building homes since 1986 and are proud to be Northern Kentucky’s first choice in Design/ Build Construction since the beginning. Contact us today to learn more about our available lots.

Triple Crown Distinct Communities

Single Family Homes range from $240,000 to above $2 million. Each community has a homeowners association as well. Winner’s Circle allows homeowners to live close to the beautiful Recreation Circle. It includes wooded lots that are right next to the golf course. Citation Pointe allows homeowners the opportunity to live in the Triple Crown Country Club Community. This community offers parks, walking trails, lakes, and a golf course. Let us help you find the perfect community for your new home.

Call The BOLD Company Today! 

The BOLD Company is a design/build contractor building and renovating homes all over Northern Kentucky. We are proud to be a preferred builder for the Triple Crown neighborhood. Visit our Model Home Center at 906 Man O War Blvd., Union, KY or call us at 859-657-6700 today. We will help you get started on building your dream home!

The BOLD Company- “Listening to dreams and building memories!”


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Benefits Of Building A New Home During The Winter

Build A New Home This Winter

Are you considering building a new home? While you might not think that winter is an ideal time to build,  it offers several advantages for home builders.  Continue reading to see why selling your home this November can be a great decision!

Spring Time Move In new construction this winter

Building your new home in the winter allows your family to be able to move in by spring time! Once the weather gets nice out again, you can enjoy your brand new home and all it has to offer.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

This holiday season, give your family the gift of a newly constructed home. It is the gift that keeps on giving! A new home will provide your family with many new memories for years to come.

More Time Off

With all the upcoming holidays, many individuals have time off of work. This will allow you to have more time to select products and colors for your new home. With the cold weather outside, picking out all the new features for your home will be a great activity.

Lock In Pricing

Building a home before the new year allows home builders to lock in their pricing before the typical first of the year product increases. Many companies will offer great deals for the holidays, allowing you to save money.

Research The Internet

In today’s world, home buyers often will research the internet to find out different ideas for their new home. With cooler temperatures outside, you can have more time to find different home features that you love.

The B.O.L.D. Company Wants To Build Your Dream Home!

At The B.O.L.D. Company, we work to make building your home easy. We are proud to build our customers the home that they’ve always wanted. Contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have or provide you with further information. Get started and build your dream home this winter!


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B.O.L.D. Moment- The B.O.L.D. Company’s Model Home

The B.O.L.D. Company

The B.O.L.D. Company is a family owned and operated company that has been around since 1986. We are residential builders and renovators that can turn your ideas into a one of a kind design. B.O.L.D. is a design and build company which means that our customers are not limited to certain locations, plans, or styles. We can design, draw, and construct the home of your choice. The B.O.L.D. Company also has over 10,000 house plans in our database. The possibilities for your dream home are endless!

What Can You Expect To See In A Model Home?  show home

The B.O.L.D. Company has a beautiful model home located in Union, Kentucky. Some of the features in our model home include:

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Stained Wood Work
  • Name Brand Products With Extended Warranties and Low Maintenance
  • Solid Wood Doors

Model Home Selection Center

Our model home includes a selection center inside of it to showcase different samples and products. We even have a professional designer that can help assist you in your selections of colors and textures. We are committed to making your house a home. Our experts listen to your wants and needs and find the perfect products and techniques for you. Our customers don’t have to drive all over town to get the services they are looking for. The B.O.L.D. Company makes the process easy for our customers.

Where Does The B.O.L.D. Company Build?

Our company builds where you want to live! We have lots in different neighborhoods or we can build on a lot of your choice.

The B.O.L.D. Company Takes Pride In Our Builds

Our goal is to create a home for you that you can be proud of and has lasting value. We are proud to say that since 2001, all of the homes we have built have been Energy Star verified. If you are looking for a company that you can trust and has the experience and knowledge you are looking for, contact The B.O.L.D. Company today. We look forward to hearing from you!