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Archive for February 2010

IRS Clarifies What's Needed to Claim Tax Credit

The Internal Revenue Service has clarified which documentation taxpayers need to submit to claim the first-time and move-up homebuyer tax credit. While the IRS is still requiring the filing of Form 5405, it is not demanding that all parties’ signatures be on the HUD-1 settlement document in areas where requiring both the buyer and the…

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Kitchen Updates for Any Budget

Check out this link for a great article that has apperaed on Updating your kitchen on a budget with some great ideas you can do yourself. If you think this is more than you can handle or wish to do more, let the professionals from The BOLD Company help.

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Cash for Caulkers: Appealing to Home Shoppers

Congress is about to approve a program to put contractors back to work doing energy retrofits. If “Cash for Caulkers” passes, home owners will be eligible for a tax credit worth up to $12,000 or half the cost of the retrofits, whichever is lower. A home owner who spends $24,000 to cut his energy use…

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Important IRS Updates for Claiming the Homebuyer Tax Credits

Important IRS updates on claiming the home buyer tax credit have recently been announced, and you may want to alert your potential customers. The agency has published an updated version of Form 5405 as well as instructions for home buyers using it to claim the $8,000 first-time buyer credit as well as repeat buyers seeking…

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