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Pet Amenities for Your Custom Home

Would a couple with children build a home that was not suitable for children? Would a professional who works from home build a house that would not accommodate a home office? Would a family that includes a handicapped family member build a home that was not properly equipped for even basic handicapped accessibility? Of course…

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Build Now Before the Rates Go Up

Signaling Confidence, Fed Holds Rates Steady In an announcement that should bolster the housing industry, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday that it intended to keep key lending rates near zero “for an extended period” and continue to buy mortgage-backed securities and debt through March 2010. That’s the second time the Fed has decided to stretch…

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Your Credit Reports are Under Extra Scrutiny

Buyers who are under contract and hoping to close before Nov. 30 when the first-time home buyer credit expires should refrain from buying furniture and other things on credit. Lenders are running credit checks prior to closing day and any increase in credit card or other debt can jeopardize the loan, says Lew Reich, an…

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Warren Buffett is Buying, Shouldn't You?

Stock buying legend Warren Buffett is back in the market buying real estate brokerages. Barring a terrorist attach or some other such calamity he thinks the bottom of the housing market has passed. NOW MAY BE THE TIME FOR YOU TO BUILD OR PURCHASE. Parts of his interview with Becky Quick of CNBC is below.…

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Federal & First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Countdown Begins

The first time home buyer tax credit expires in 60 days (November 30, 2009). It is possible to purchase in the next couple of weeks and close before the deadline, but time is running out. BOLD Homes has two completed homes that are ready to purchase and occupy. If you are a first time buyer…

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Be Informed to Avoid Closing Delays

The Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act of 2008 made changes to the Truth in Lending Act, and some of these changes became effective July 30, 2009. In order to avoid delays in the closing of your loan, you need to understand how these changes can affect you. The main changes are the implementation of: 1) a…

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Mortgage Markets Could Change

Now may be the best time to buy before the credit markets change and rates go up! Credit Market Makes Economists Nervous Interest rates are low and home prices are down, but banks continue to be stingy with loans. At the height of the housing boom, seven out of 10 mortgages were approved. At the…

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Fall Lawn Care Will Make Your Yard Look Great Next Year

A little work and effort in the fall will pay big dividends in the spring and all of next summer with a great looking and disease free lawn. Mowing: Cool season grasses like fine lawn fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass grow fastest in the spring and fall and should be mowed with a sharp…

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Boone County is getting it’s second roundabout and first on a major thoroughfare. Check out this video and FAQs about roundabouts from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (click). Residents have been negotiating one on Orleans Boulevard in Florence for a couple of years and now one is opening on North KY237 (Northbend Road). Be…

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