When how you build is as important as what you build!

When how you build is as important as what you build!
Building Your Dream Home - What You Need To Know

Archive for January 2009

Find the Neighborhood That's Right for You!

At B.O.L.D. Homes you have many choices of where to built your new home. We have lots available in four different neighborhoods and we can build on your lot, or help you find a lot anywhere in Northern Kentucky. As you shop for your new home location there are several things to consider. Having a…

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Help Keep Your Family Safe with Smoke Alarms

As the cool chill of fall turns into the arctic blasts of winter across the Greater Cincinnati area, we often turn to fireplaces, wood stoves and space heaters to help stay warm. Many also adorn their homes with festive candles and decorated trees for the holidays. While these go a long way towards keeping the…

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A Housing Recovery Plan to Revive the American Economy

Falling home values are at the core of our economic crisis, as home prices and property values continue to decline across the county. Americans are hesitant to purchase for fear that prices are not stable. Existing home inventories are at an all time high and the industry feels Congress should pass short term, targeted incentives…

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